They assure that Eugenio Derbez did not have an accident, but that Vadhir hit him

If they are such a media family and have even been exposed on reality shows, that the Derbez did not explain clearly and immediately what happened with Eugenio Derbez at the end of August, it only fueled speculation that endures and now muddies Vadhir Derbez.

And it is that after it was rumored that Eugenio would not have broken his shoulder with a virtual reality game, but that it would have been part of a car accident where a person died, the actor finally showed his face and explained that he did fall and fractured by tripping while wearing a virtual reality headset.

But now another version has emerged. the youtuber Alexander Zuniga He assures that “from a very good source” he knew that the truth would not have been the crash, nor the fall, but that it would have been a beating between father and son.

“Vadhir was present, and they quarreled and went to blows. There was a physical fight at Eugenio Derbez‘s house between him and Vadhir. In the United States, this is very difficult.“said the youtuber, remembering that if they had called the police, they would both have gone to jail for domestic violence … “That’s why they decided to hide the information,” he assured.

“Vadhir broke Eugenio’s rib”, sentenced Alejandro Zúñiga.

“The reason is a fight with Vadhir Derbez. That is why the information has been hidden from José Eduardo, it is possible that he does not know it and is finding out… The source is reliable and that is why I dare to open my mouth and This is real, Eugenio Derbez fought with his son and his son caused all these health problems.”

Meanwhile, Vadhir has continued with his life and even posed with Saúl ‘El Canelo’ Álvarez after their fight on September 17.

They hid information from José Eduardo.

It was strange to learn that José Eduardo Derbez actually knew very little about the incident. In fact, in an interview with Adela Micha, he insisted that his relatives acted in a mysterious way and no one clearly told him what happened to his father.

“Everyone is very mysterious, Ale, Vadhir, even the girl, they don’t want to share the family secrets with me. The first thing they sent was ‘My dad in the hospital’, but that was just dropped. I asked them and I don’t remember who put ‘ask I don’t know who’, others ‘ask privately I don’t know who’, so I started asking separately to see if anyone, and no one answered. Vadhir answered me like this… ‘yes, he fell, you know how it is.’ It’s serious,” said Victoria Ruffo’s son.

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