They assure that Patricio Cabezut was linked to the process

The television host has problems with his ex-partner due to domestic violence.

The television host Patricio Cabezut has been linked to the process for the crime of domestic violence, according to various media reports. The lawsuit was filed by his ex-wife Aurea Zapata.

The legal dispute between Cabezut and Zapata began more than a year ago, when she sued him. The presenter expressed at that time that the separation was due to the fact that she had been unfaithful to him, a statement that Aurea has denied.

The lawsuit between the two has also been taken to the media, which made it possible for Zapata to sue Cabezut for media violence.

According to a magazine with national circulation, the criminal court has officially linked Cabezut to the process, which means that he will have to face a trial for the crimes he is accused of.

The presenter will have three days to respond to the judge’s decision and take the necessary legal measures to defend himself. In case of being found guilty, he could be deprived of his liberty.

So far, Cabezut has not confirmed or denied the information, but continues to publish on his social networks.