They assure that there is a crisis in the marriage of Maribel Guardia and Marco Chacón

Maribel Guardia and Marco Chacón are going through serious problems in their marriage.

Maribel Guardia and Marco Chacón would be experiencing critical hours in their 13-year marriage.

After Imelda Tuñón Jáuregui, Maribel Guardia’s mother-in-law, attacked the actress by demanding that he “let go of my grandson’s (José Julián) hand.” Let her go alone to reach her son. José Juián is not Julián. She is very obsessed with Julián, my son-in-law. The worst thing is that she sees her son in my grandson”, now It is revealed that the actress is going through a marital crisis with lawyer Marco Chacón51 years old, which was like a second father for Julián Figueroa.

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The presenter Addis Tuñónaunt of Imelda Garza Tuñón, widow of Julián Figueroaassured before the cameras that there is a crisis in the Maribel Guardia’s family64 years old, with Marco Chaconwith whom he has had a loving relationship for more than 25 years.

“What I know is that Maribel Guardia You could be experiencing a marital crisis with Marco Chacon, someone who has been unconditional, as far as we know, with her always. I am very fond of Maribel, I am not part of that close family. As far as I understand the family (of Imelda Garza Tuñón) I would not want to make José Julián so public.”

“There is a crisis, I am very sorry. I regret the statement, the publication of Imelda Mom, but obviously I believe that there are much more serious issues than a publication currently in Mrs. Maribel Guardia’s house, we embrace her, and we hope that she resolves it soon or unfortunately they soon make it known.

Let us remember that in 2012 and 2014 it was rumored that Maribel Guardia and Marco Chacón They were going through a crisis in their marriage, but she denied everything at the time.