They attacked Michelle Renaud in networks for criticizing Shakira

The actress disagreed with the Colombian, as she pointed out that the children had to be a priority in this situation

Despite the fact that Shakira is once again a worldwide phenomenon with the collaboration she did with Bizarrap, BZRP Music Session #53, there are those who disagree with the way she exposed how her separation with Gerard Piqué was; Among the people who criticized the Colombian is Michelle Renaud.

At BZRP Music Session #53, which was released on January 12, the singer “threw” her ex-boyfriend, Piqué, whom she pointed out for having cheated on her with the Spanish socialite, Clara Chía. Despite the fact that there were already rumors about what happened in recent months between the couple, Session 53 was a success because Shakira confirmed everything that was said.

While millions of people applauded the interpreter of Hips Don’t Lie for having exposed the soccer player, there were people like Michelle Renaud, who did not think it was right that the Colombian spoke about Piqué.

And it is that, as the protagonist of La Herencia wrote, Shakira had to have thought of her children before speaking like that about her ex-partner, because “dirty clothes are washed at home,” the actress wrote in a temporary story in which she shared a meme about this controversy.

“What a pity that a mother wants to crush the father of her children. The laundry is washed at home. Children should always come first than the EGO”

However, those who support Shakira criticized the actress and even brought up Renaud’s sentimental life, since on several occasions she has been involved in love controversies, one of them with the father of her son, Josué Alvarado.

“Mich looked bad judging Shak, because that’s exactly what people have done with her by judging her with that about her boyfriends”, “They defend the indefensible”, “Two reasons why you didn’t like Shakira’s new song: You are an unfaithful man or you are the lover”, “You are the least suitable to respond to Shakira”, were some comments from Internet users.

These reactions arose from users recalling one of Michelle’s biggest scandals, when she divorced Josué Alvarado after they had their first child, Marcelo.

And it is that after her ex-husband accused her of not letting her see the child, she made public that they were facing a legal battle for the custody of the minor.