They cancel it and turn their backs on Maxine Woodside on YouTube

She did not get the reception she expected as the famous presenter lost followers on the platform

After the fight that Maxine Woodside starred in with Ana María Alvarado, the journalist reappeared on her YouTube channel, however, she did not get the reception she expected since the famous announcer lost followers on the platform.

Why are the networks canceling Woodside? It all started when on the radio program ‘Todo para la Mujer’, led by Maxine for Radio Fórmula, the journalist starred in a mess with Ana María Alvarado, whom she allegedly fired unjustifiably.

This fact remained in trend last week among the bickering between the two drivers, but Internet users -who give the rating- leaned towards Alvarado’s version and decided to teach Woodside a lesson.

Maxine reappeared on her YouTube channel in the midst of the controversy and presented an interview she did with Maribel Guardia, however, the video received dozens of negative comments against the journalist, which was not due to the content but to the lawsuit that he had with Ana María Alvarado.

Users made it clear to Woodside that they did not agree with his attitude towards Alvarado and filled his new video with comments against the accusations against him. This is what they told him:

«Bye Maxine, I didn’t even remember that I was following you (past tense bye, bye! Every action has a reaction!».

“Maxine I will unfollow her because I do not agree with her attitude.”

«I only came to dislike and tell him that I hope his theater will fall tomorrow, he has already run to his best and only letter. Bring her ego ».


“You can tell that age has already fallen on her, now it turns out that she already has dementia, retire and remain as the Queen of the radio, not as the villain.”

«Ma’am, I withdraw my subscription, what you have done with Ana is an abuse of power. And quite sad of her part ».

«Hay maxi, you are also going to monetize and criticize Ana María Alvarado».