They capture a masseuse kitten on TikTok

Leveraging trending audio “What’s that?” SpongeBob, a user shared the peculiar behavior of her cat

TikTok has been characterized by its wide variety of content, which responds to user tastes and personalized needs; however, it has also stood out for the constant creation of trends in social networks, such is the case of the audio “What is that?”, which is used in funny and surprising videos.

On-trend audio is used to show everyday life situations that are suddenly broken due to a surprising or strange event, for example, a masseuse cat.

Through her account, the user @titichavezoficial shared a video in which she shows what a typical family dinner looks like. With her cell phone, she makes a brief panoramic tour of the home in which she exposes her relatives while they are sitting at the table eating, on the other hand, there are more members in the room looking at her cell phones.

However, the shot stops to reveal something rarely seen, the family cat giving Grandma a back rub. The cat is standing leaning on the back of the chair and its two hind legs; At the same time, he uses his front paws to lightly hit the grandmother’s back, who is sitting on the edge of the chair so that they can both fit in her seat.

The foregoing caused various comments on social networks, as Internet users assure that the little ‘michi’ is working hard for the land and will be the one who receives the future inheritance, referring to memes about fights between relatives over land and grandmothers’ houses. Mexican.

“The true heir to the land”, “is working to earn the land”, “the grandson who makes his grandmother aware with a little massage”, are some of the comments that are read on the platform.

Currently the video has 3.1 million views and almost half a million likes.