They catch Taylor Swift and Bad Bunny leaving the studio, is the collaboration of the century coming?

Taylor Swift has scored tremendous success with her spectacular tour “The Eras Tour”.


Can you imagine what a song would sound like? Taylor Swift and Bad Bunny? It would surely be a complete success because both celebrities are going through their professional prime, and perhaps the possibility is closer than you think.

That’s how it is! The furor began to unleash after some compromising photos circulated on Twitter where do you see Taylor Swift and Bad Bunny leaving the same recording studioWas it all a coincidence or have you been working together?

While some Internet users on social networks they begin to feel excited with the images captured in New YorkOthers think that the artists were simply captured at the right moment, without this meaning that they are involved in a new project.


It would not be strange that Taylor and Bad Bunny surprise us one of these days with an interesting collaboration: they are going through a great professional moment, their songs are a success and, most importantly, They seem to get along great! Or that’s what they showed in the last edition of the Grammyswhen they were seen together.

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Both the Puerto Rican and the American are in a stage of musical opening and experimentation: Bad Bunny has had recent collaborations with artists like The Weeknd and Travis Scott, while Taylor Swift has always been open to playing with new soundsamong them, of course, the Latinos from the hand of the “Bad Bunny”.

Can you imagine a new “Era” by Taylor Swift, now with Bad Bunny? Anything could happen.