They celebrate the baptism of the daughter of Alex Fernández

The Fernández dynasty gathered to celebrate the baptism of Alex Fernández’s little daughter.

Alex Fernández and Alexia Hernández were on long tablecloths this weekend and it is that the couple, hand in hand with their little girl, has taken a very special step by celebrating the christening of their eldest daughter.

On this occasion, the singer and his wife were accompanied by their closest circle to make them part of this moment that is so significant for their family.

It was through her social networks that Alexia Hernández shared some details of the emotional religious ceremony that took place in a Catholic temple in Guadalajara, Jalisco, where we have been able to see the little girl wearing her tender robe for the occasion.

It should be noted that the little girl was surrounded by her parents, her godparents and her relatives, including her paternal grandmother, América Guinart, who also shared some moments of the party on her networks.

For her part, América Fernández, Alex’s sister, also revealed some glimpses and details of her niece’s baptism.

In one of the photographs it was possible to see in more detail the beautiful gown that she wore for this occasion, and in the postcard you can see América most moved, carrying the celebrant in her arms, and she is most happy to be in arms of his aunt.