They commemorate 225 years of the beginning of the construction of the Government Palace

The historic building from Potosi was the seat of the Power of the Republic and the former Royal House.

To commemorate the 225th anniversary of the beginning of the construction of the Government Palace of San Luis Potosí, whose historic building in Potosí was the temporary residence of the President of the Republic Benito Juárez, in addition to former royal houses and military barracks, the State Historical Archive, by instruction of the State Governor Ricardo Gallardo Cardona, has scheduled a master lecture by the researcher Armando Hernández Soubervielle, current academic secretary of the Colegio de San Luis.

The conference called “225 years of the construction of the Government Palace” will take place next Friday, February 10 at 7:00 p.m. in the State Government Palace itself, reported the head of the Historical Archive, Yolanda Camacho Zapata, who explained that this meeting is part of a series that the Government of change designed through the unit that it heads on activities typical of the San Luis Potosí tradition.

“When you meet a person, it is not only to see their face, but to talk with them and seek to understand the values ​​they hold, the same happens with historical sites, the dialogue with the sources of information, letting yourself be involved by the documents or the buildings and knowing that we are part of a direction, even if it is transitory”, said the official.

On this occasion, Hernández Soubervielle will talk about the 225 years since the start of work on the Government Palace, the history behind this monument and its importance in the field of civil architecture in our city; The work deals with the paradox of this enclosure, from being the site of the old corn exchange, to the provisional stay of the President of the Republic Benito Juárez, passing in its beginnings as old royal houses and military barracks.

The event will be coordinated with the Ministry of Culture and the Department of Cultural Heritage of the State Government; For access, the social networks of these dependencies can be consulted.

Camacho Zapata announced that as part of the work carried out by the agency, in January there was an event on astrology in San Luis Potosí, its first scholars, while in March there will be one on Carnival.