They compare Jungkook with “El Vítor” and Adrián Uribe reacts

BTS fans soon created memes about Jungkook’s hairstyle that reminded them of the character played by Adrián Uribe

The Mexican Army is not a boring fandom at all, since they find any funny aspect of BTS to create memes and even videos. On this occasion, fans of the South Korean group noticed that Jungkook wore a very particular hairstyle that reminded them of El Vítor, a character played by Adrián Uribe.

It all started when a BTS promotional video was released for the Coway brand, originally from South Korea that sells electronic devices. The group will make a collaboration with said company that until now is unknown what it will be about. In the clip, all seven members are dressed in white, but Jungkook looks a bit different.

Jeon Jungkook, the singer’s full name, wears a mullet, a hairstyle that is characterized by having a short upper part and longer hair at the bottom. Many Army did not hesitate to compare the JK with the Vítor.

It was so through memes, images and even videos shared on TikTok that BTS fans humorously took Jungkook’s hairstyle, in addition to mentioning that they interpret it as a “sign” that BTS will announce a tour in Mexico.

Because many began to mention Adrián Uribe in their tweets, the actor reacted to some of the publications, for example he liked one while he retweeted another along with some laughing emojis, although for now the original tweet already not available.