They confirm Junior H, in Fenapo 2023

The Governor of San Luis Potosí, Ricardo Gallardo Cardona, announced that the Mexican regional composer, Antonio Herrera Pérez, better known as Junior H, will perform for free at the Teatro del Pueblo of the Potosina National Fair (Fenapo) 2023 edition, with the that great national and international artists continue to join the great party of Mexico.

Through social networks, the Governor of San Luis Potosí announced the artist’s presentation in San Luis Potosí, which generated positive reactions, as well as comments thanking the President for bringing shows that in the past only came to the State with difficult-to-pay rates and that now everyone can enjoy.

Junior H, originally from Guanajuato, is known for songs such as: el azul, el hijo eldest, fin de semana, ella, among others, who will put the people of Potosino to sing, extending the cast that has been prepared for the likes of all and all and with what the economic benefit and the number of visitors in this edition, will once again break records.

For his part, the president of the Fenapo Board of Trustees, Luis Antonio Zamudio Martínez, invited the merchants to come to the Fenapo offices to manage their space so that from August 4 to 27, 2023, the date that the Fair can offer their different products to the visitors.