They confirm that Adianez Hernández was unfaithful to Rodrigo Cachero: “Forgive me, you didn’t deserve this”

Larisa uncovered the infidelity


The recent separation between Adianez Hernández and actor Rodrigo Cachero has something to cut. Days after the end of the marriage was revealed, a rumor arose of her infidelity on her part.

And it’s true. Yes there was infidelity. Actress Larisa Mendizábal revealed in a video broadcast through social networks that her husband Augusto Bravo had an extramarital affair with Adianez Hernández.

Indeed, Augusto Bravo was my partner, my life partner and with whom I lived for the last 11 years.“At the beginning of last June he had to confess to me that he had been unfaithful to me with Adianez Hernández, he confessed it to me because Rodrigo Cachero, father of my son and Adianez’s husband, realized what was happening,” he began by saying in the statement. issued the morning of this Monday, September 11.

In the same video, the artist clarified that there is no such friendship between the four people.

I want to clarify that no. The four of us were not friends, we did not go out together, we did not share, in eleven years we never met together on a birthday or a meeting. We have a cordial relationship, but not a close one,” she said.

In addition, Larisa commented on how she reacted and what her husband’s attitude was towards infidelity.

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“Augusto knew that she was Rodrigo’s wife and she knew that he was Larisa’s husband and he is there, I suppose their relationship began through social networks, I don’t know how or why they started talking, I don’t know that, once Augusto told me that he was unfaithful to me, There was no longer any intention on his part to talk or explain much, he only told me verbatim: forgive me, you didn’t deserve this, I don’t know what happened to me, I don’t even recognize myself, and he left the house where we lived.”

Finally, the actress of productions such as “what people tell”, “A day to live” and “What women are silent about” confessed how she currently feels.

“I’m not going to deny it, from that moment on it has been very difficult days and weeks for me, trying to understand and accommodate all this that has happened because it was very surprising. I am now in the process of healing to stay with how beautiful everything was and not how painful the end was. I have to close a cycle, I think what follows is for the adults involved to take responsibility for what happened, thank God I have my son, my mother and many friends who have not let me go,” he shared.