They confirm that Carmen Salinas will not be able to return to the telenovela ‘My fortune is loving you’

It’s been 8 days since Carmen Salinas placeholder image is in a natural coma. Her family confirmed that the respirator is keeping her alive, and although there are vital signs, she is still in serious condition. So they issued a statement to inform that he will not be able to return to work.

Upon waking up, the neurologist told them that it is a difficult prognosis, but not impossible. So now, the Salinas family said that even if that happened, they would not be able to return to their professional work.

Let’s remember that Carmen Salinas plays ‘Magos’ in the recently released telenovela ‘My fortune is loving you’.

“In the event that he regained consciousness, he would have to do a rehabilitation that would not allow him to have a short-term work activity. This because he was fulfilling various projects.

We continue to pray for his speedy recovery and we appreciate all the expressions of affection towards our family. Sincerely, Salinas Lozano family “.

So what many feared is finally confirmed. Carmelita Salinas will not be able to return as ‘Magi’. Let’s remember that producer Nicandro Díaz said that, out of respect for the actress, it was not yet time to think about replacing her.

In social networks, names such as Ana Martin and Ana Bertha Espín to take his place, but the chosen one was María Rojo.

Through a statement, Televisa reported that María will play ‘Magos’:

Producer Nicandro Díaz stressed “that the entire production of My fortune is loving you, expects the speedy recovery of Mrs. Carmen Salinas and is keeping an eye on her evolution and close to the actress’s family.” He explained that, since the medical team has indicated that the recovery process will be prolonged, which has been corroborated by the family, the decision has been made to invite the actress Maria Rojo, who will play the character of Magos.