They confirm that Francisco Ugalde has sued his sister Ana Bárbara for co-authoring songs

Francisco Ugalde claims co-authorship of musical themes sung by Ana Bárbara.

Francisco Ugalde, Ana Bárbara’s brother, claims rights to songs sung by the ‘Reina grupera’.

francis ugalde started a legal process against his sister, Ana Barbarafor the co-authorship of the songs “Lo busqué”, “Niña mimada”, “Fruta prohibida”, among others.

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It was in the “First hand” program that it was revealed that Ana Bárbara’s younger brother filed a lawsuit against the singer for copyright.

“Altagracia, without authorization, replaced his brother as the author of such famous works, commercially exploited the aforementioned songs and used them without consent,” said the host and journalist. Addis Tunon.

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Likewise, it was indicated that he is co-author of the song “Forbidden Fruit” together with Jose Manuel Figueroa and that her sister is financially taking advantage of the songs she wrote, since other singers like Ángela Aguilar and Natanael Cano also perform them.

It should be noted that some time ago the son of Joan Sebastian, José Manuel Figueroa, assured that he wrote the song “Forbidden fruit” when he was the singer’s boyfriend, but he never gave her credit because Ana Bárbara registered it in her name in 2004.

A few moments ago, Porfirio Ramírez Mendoza, Francisco Ugalde’s lawyer, confirmed that his client has filed a lawsuit against Altagracia Ugalde Mottabetter known as Ana Bárbara, and Ana Bárbara Producciones, before the General Prosecutor of the Republic for the co-authorship of several songs.


“As brothers they jointly wrote and performed these songs, we have all the sufficient evidence. There are family codes, having created those songs, there are family witnesses; there were evasions (on the part of the singer). Legally there are continuous crimes, they take effect moment by moment. That is why this legal instance was resorted to because there have been evasions (from the singer)”.

At the moment, Ana Bárbara has not yet issued any statement in this regard about the complaint filed by her own brother against her.