They copy you! Aurora Valle assures that some try to imitate her style in ‘Confessions’

With an interview to Sergio Goyri the third season of Confessions, the program of Aurora Valley which was broadcast on the Tlnovelas channel, remaining in the first place of audience. Now, the journalist is considering a new installment for 2022, with guests that impact the public and share her life story.

The satisfaction of having made 21 broadcasts is the greatest reward for the communicator, who tells us that they have tried to imitate her style, but her stamp has no comparison.

What balance do you make at the end of the third season of Confessions? Very happy, because the beginning was not easy at all, that is, the pre-production that we did between January and February was very complicated because we were in the midst of a pandemic. In March we started the recordings and there was no vaccine in Mexico yet, but after we were vaccinated we left like a media thread, then everything started to flow much better, and I make a superpositive balance; When we reached the finish line we couldn’t believe it because we closed in a very good place.

You continued to gain new followers, what was the key to achieving it? I think the key is to do a good job, bring interesting stories, because I do believe that people need motivation; I think that we can be inspired by other stories, that if we are going through a bad time we can reflect on someone who has already gone through that, and that has been liked by the public.

What revelations were the ones that ignited this installment? You have the case of Claudia Ramírez, who confessed to us that she experienced gender violence; what happened to María Sorté when her son suffered an attack; Juan Diego Covarrubias on the issue of divorce; Héctor Suárez Gomís with the death of his father …

Are these stories still surprising you at this point? Yes, and I think they all end up surprising me. I knew a little about the history of José Elías Moreno, but I didn’t really know it; he told me that his mother, father and grandmother died in a car accident. He was in a car with his sisters, heading to Cuautla, Morelos, so, imagine how a 14-year-old boy, the son of one of the great actors of Mexican cinema, was able to survive that loss. The story struck me a lot because, furthermore, he had never talked about it. I also really liked the interview with which we closed the cycle, that of Sergio Goyri, because he behaved funny, funny, putting aside his reputation for being violent …

Do you plan to do the fourth season for next year? Yes, of course it is already on paper, in talks, I just need to be given a start date. Or at least I hope so, but I am sure because the company is very satisfied with the results.

Will you keep the same format or will there be alterations in the structure? Don Manolo Fabregas said that if things were good, they should not be moved. And people like the format, they enjoy what they see, there is already a label, and I have already realized that some are trying to copy me a bit, and that means that we are on the right track. Maybe different things occur to me, but in the meantime, we are going to keep the essence so as not to complicate the audience.

Who do you want to see sitting next to you next season? I’m not going to tell you! (laughs) Is that, what if I get out? Because it has happened to me that I have believed that some would say yes and in the end they declined, while those who thought they would say that they have not accepted, so I prefer it to be a surprise.