They create a cream that relieves hypersensitivity in the skin, product of chemotherapies

Cutaneous hypersensitivity is triggered by neuropathy for which, many times, patients must abandon treatment.

A team of researchers has succeeded in developing two creamsfor hands and feet, which relieve skin hypersensitivity that many patients suffer when they receive chemotherapy.

The two creams, which are already available in Spanish pharmacies, calm the skin hypersensitivity suffered by cancer patientshas informed the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) in a note released today, in which he recalls that the use of chemotherapy agents for the treatment of different types of cancer is associated with a high risk of complications neurological and motor, characterized by mechanical hypersensitivity to cold, numbness of hands and feet.

“It is what is known as peripheral neuropathy chemotherapy-induced, which affects approximately one third of patients treated with standard doses of chemotherapy and almost all of those receiving high doses“, explained the CSIC researcher Rosario GonzalezMunizof the Institute of Medicinal Chemistry (IQM-CSIC).

The scientific has specified that in these patients, the functionality of the peripheral nervous system is impaired and, when this peripheral neuropathy it affects to the patient’s quality of life, chemotherapy treatment is usually reduced or even suspended.

During the last years the team led by this CSIC researcher has initiated the pharmaceutical development of these molecules for the topical treatment of peripheral neuropathy.

This company impulse first the development of one of these molecules as an ingredient neurocosmeticsince the safety tests indicated that the selected molecule in its pure form was neither irritant nor mutagenic, which allowed it to be registered as a cosmetic ingredient.

Later formulated two cosmetic preparations for hands and feet, especially sensitive when suffering from peripheral neuropathy, and these cosmetic formulations, after passing the studies of dermal absorptionthermal stability and efficiency of the preservative to prevent bacterial contamination, they began to be marketed in pharmacies.