They create a package so that food does not rot

Copperprotek allows perishable foods to have a longer shelf life. (Copperprotek)

One of the most important drawbacks when dealing with problems such as catering of foods and the famine is the expiration period of the inputs and the requirement of the supply chains so that they are not wasted.

Despite the efforts made by various organizations, at least 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted around the world annually because much of it rots on its way to warehouseswhere its useful life period is not prolonged enough to be used, but is maintained at levels in which neither a correct refrigeration provides a much longer duration.

That is why in Mexico a company called Cooperprotek developed a new biotech material that can prolong the life of conservation of food for up to 30 additional days. According to the company, a form of conservation with this innovation might reduce by 50% the waste of foods perishables

Copperprotek allows perishable foods to have a longer shelf life.  (Copperprotek)
The compound generated by Copperprotek allows perishable foods to have a longer useful life. (Copperprotek)

The way in which this kind of packing reduces the possibility that foods How meats and vegetables rot is thanks to the fact that copper, a fundamental part of this type of packaging, reduces the proliferation of bacteria responsible for the putrefaction process within the food causing the products have up to a 180% longer useful life and can arrive in better conditions to their destinations.

This positive figure can be achieved in meats such as pork, chicken, cattle and their derivatives such as sausages and cheeses, which are required for the feeding of people around the world and who may benefit from the implementation of this new way of biotechnology.

According to Javier Lavinfounder and Manager of the R&D company, “the same microorganisms that break down the food are also those that affect its quality, changing its color, smell and acidity. By reducing them, foods they will maintain desirable organoleptic characteristics for a longer time, reducing claims and returns”.

Food vendor in Plaza Doce de Octubre (Colprensa - Álvaro Tavera)
A greater capacity for food preservation allows a higher quality of products in distributors and markets. (Colprensa – Álvaro Tavera)

The application of this new way of packaging It is not only theoretical, but it has also gone into practice and is already being implemented in markets such as Mexico together with another distribution company foodsso that people within that territory will be able to find packaging that uses the technology from Cooperprotek to ensure that your food is in perfect condition for longer.

The intention of the company is that this type of packaging with copper-based biotechnology reaches other markets in South American countries such as ColombiaChile and Ecuador, although it is also on the way to be present in USA Y Brazilwho will be able to have fresher food, with a more natural flavor and color without the need for the application of preservatives additions that may impair the quality of the food.

In addition to the benefit that this technology to final consumers and the supply chain, their application It can also benefit producers of foods and ranchers, because since their products may have a longer useful life, they could generate more income from the conservation of the basic inputs that their businesses generate and that they can sell to companies with distribution and scope between the rest of the national and international territories in case of qualities of export.

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