They create “perrobús” to walk dogs through the streets of Edomex

He went viral on TikTok after demonstrating how dogs ride the streets in a small bus.

A man went viral after revealing his ‘dogbus’, a transport that he uses especially to take his puppies for a walk, and which, in fact, has an ideal size for them, to scale.

As a result, he has gained thousands of followers on the TikTok social network. Through the platform, the user José Rivero Méndez (@joseriveromendez) released a video with more than 4.4 million views with the viral edited audio of SpongeBob, in which “How beautiful!” is heard at the end.

In said clip, we see a bus approaching, when we realize that it is, in fact, much smaller than normal.

Already arriving, we realize that the passengers are canines, but there is a man in front, driving. This, finally, was baptized as the ‘dog bus’ by users.

With more than 4.4 million likes the video has already amassed, he has begun to gain followers who have been asking him to sell them one, or simply cheering on his novel way of walking their dogs with thousands of comments.

In fact, he had previously shared some videos in which we see the process he carried out to create his new transport for dogs, which he himself created and painted so that his beloved pets could travel at ease.

In some other video, he showed that he not only has one, but that he has two similar units, which he is not afraid to show off on the streets of San Juan Teotihuacán in the State of Mexico, surprising the inhabitants of that area.

He has shown some curiosities, such as his puppies in chauffeur uniforms, but also the moment when he arrives with his unprecedented transport at a gas station to continue with the walk.