They criticize Andrea Escalona for dancing pregnant reggaeton

The host pointed out that “respect for other people’s pregnancy is peace” after being the target of multiple negative comments on networks.

Andrea Escalona is scheduled to give birth in mid-December and before the close birth of her baby, she left the Hoy program, from which she will be absent for about a month due to her maternity disability.

The host said goodbye with a dance show, which she performed next to Pablo Montero, but her decision was not well received by a part of the public due to her advanced pregnancy.

After being the target of multiple criticisms, Magda Rodríguez’s daughter did not remain silent and shared a forceful message in which she demanded respect, also clarifying that she always consults her doctor before making a decision regarding her baby.

«For all those who were offended by my dogging with Nicky Jam, here is another little dance with Pablo Montero. And it’s good that they haven’t seen me doing little things with my boyfriend… because there they do get the patatús, “wrote Andrea Escalona through her Instagram account in which she posted a video of the dance.

She mentioned that she considers that a woman carries many expectations throughout the gestation period, but that only she, with the support of her doctor, has the right to give her opinion on the best path to follow.

«’Respect for other people’s pregnancy is peace.’ Let’s stop normalizing messing with the body, health, and decisions of a pregnant woman. That is up to her and hers her doctor ».

The host indicated that nothing is perfect in a pregnancy and that she regrets that social networks, instead of connecting people, serve to compare or attack the other.

«We are all working, between pains, uncertainty and growth. They are going to tell you pregnant woman ‘Yes, you should work hard’, ‘perrear’, ‘wear heels’ or ‘gain I don’t know how many kilos’”.

She indicated that all pregnancies are different and spoke of the importance of respect:

«There are pregnancies like women in the world, each one is different, respect your essence, recognize your body that is totally new, listen to your body (it is the most noble voice, personally I believe it more than the head and the heart ) and your doctor, be merciful with your process, accompany yourself with love, as you would with your best friend.

Others should do the same, instead of judging ‘what to do or not to do.’ And he added that he loves advice “that comes from love and empathy, not from pointing out, things that we could save.”