They criticize Maribel Guardia for uploading an inappropriate photo with Andrés García

The veteran actress was compared to Ari Telch

Sadly, the show in Mexico is in mourning after the death of Andrés García, who was a prominent actor, in addition to being considered one of the leading men of soap operas and the most sought-after cinema. After his death was announced, many personalities remembered him with photos with him as Maribel Guardia.

Maribel Guardia worked on different occasions with Andrés García and the actress mourned the death of the famous with a post on Instagram.

“My dear friend, Andrés García, today it was your turn to transcend. Those of us who continue on this beautiful path that is life will miss you and will remember you through all the artistic legacy you leave behind. Rest in peace. My condolences to your wife and children.”

Although her message was lovingly dedicated, netizens criticized her because they felt that one of the images she uploaded was not a good choice.

In the image that was harshly criticized on social networks, Maribel Guardia is observed in the foreground making a pose that many mention is a bit suggestive. Behind her is Andrés García.

This photo prompted the public against Maribel Guardia to emerge, and netizens compared her to Ari Telch, who went viral a few weeks ago after sharing an inappropriate photo to fire Rebecca Jones with whom she worked in a soap opera.