They criticize Natalia Lafourcade for using a Spanish accent

Some users have called her the “new Paulina Rubio”, “she is denying the land where she was born”

Natalia Lafourcade is one of the most important and respected artists in the music industry, not only in Mexico but in all of Latin America. However, the multi-winner of the Grammy Awards, she was criticized after sharing a video on her TikTok account.

It turns out that a controversy has broken out on social networks where Internet users have said that Natalia has changed her accent when speaking, this after visiting Spain for a few days, where she participated in the Goya Awards. “Hello my beautiful people.

I stop by on TikTok to talk to you a little bit, I almost never come here. It is one of the platforms that I use less, but well, I am in Barcelona, ​​we were in Madrid doing promotion and this message is for all the people who are beginning to follow me, thank you very much, ”said Natalia in her video.

It was in the Qué Importa program where they pointed out that the singer-songwriter had changed her accent to speak like a Spanish woman. «She is already denying the land where she was born. It turns out that now the Chilanga singer already speaks like a Spaniard,” they said.

Despite these criticisms, the video began to spread on TikTok where users began to defend the Mexican singer.

“Well, I’m Spanish and I don’t notice any accent other than hers”, “I hear her normally, they don’t know what to criticize anymore” and “she has always spoken like that, it seems to me that they don’t know her voice”, were some of the comments.

Another artist who was criticized for also speaking differently was Shakira, who offered an interview for N+. In it, her users began to point out that her Spanish accent had already taken over her after living for some of her in that country due to her relationship with former soccer player Gerard Piqué.