They criticize youtuber for financing eye surgeries and using it as content on the internet

The world’s most popular youtuber is criticized after posting a video showing that he finances multiple operations for people in need.

In the post, MrBeast reveals that he paid for cataract surgery to restore sight to 1,000 people.

But the clip, which has more than 71 million views, has generated divided opinions with some calling it “charity porn.”

Responding to suggestions that the video was made solely for profit, Jimmy Donaldson, the influencer’s real name, who is 24, tweeted that on average his videos lost $1.5 million last year. He also argued that he made that video to raise “awareness.”

MrBeast, who has 131 million subscribers and recently became the world’s most popular YouTuber, initially said he didn’t expect so many people to watch the video.

As the number of views increased, questions and concerns began to be raised about the cost and inaccessibility of eye surgery in some parts of the world.

Netizens also suggested that the wealthy influencers should not try to fix broader problems in society and healthcare.

But not everyone agrees, and some praise it. Andrew Hodgson, president of the UK National Federation of the Blind, told BBC Newsbeat:

“Anything that highlights treatable eye conditions like cataracts and provides funding for people to have surgery to restore their sight should be welcome.”

A spokeswoman for Sightsavers, an international charity, added that they are “encouraged to see the issue of global eye health raised before a large audience.”

“Eye health is often a forgotten topic when it comes to global health conversations, but having eye health means having an opportunity, allowing children to learn and adults to win,” the spokeswoman said.

One Twitter user noted that “the fact that these people needed charity to get help highlights the problem.”

But another user said that while “paying for 1,000 blind people to get eye surgery is a good thing, using that act of generosity as content makes it a tacky act of charity.”

Jeff Levinson, the surgeon who worked for the social media star, commented in the video that “half of all the blind in the world are people who need a 10-minute surgery.”

MrBeast is known for videos featuring large giveaways and cash prizes, as well as charity work.

In 2021, he launched another philanthropy-focused YouTube channel, which has over 10 million subscribers, and has a licensed charity that functions as a food bank to support impoverished communities across the US.

Despite the mixed response, MrBeast’s impact on those who received the surgery was visible.