They discover a carnivorous cockroach that was thought to be “extinct” 80 years ago

An almost terrifying discovery was made in Australia after a student found a carnivorous species. That’s not all, since in addition to being carnivorous and potentially putting your life at risk, this is a mega cockroach that was believed to be extinct for 80 years.

The discovery by two students from the University of Sydney Australia and the purpose was to find out if any species existed as such since it was thought that for more than 50 years this cockroach had not lived on the same planet as us, however it seems that we were very wrong. This is undoubtedly one of the most shocking news that occurred in Australia, since many of the world’s inhabitants have a certain phobia towards this insect.

The finding was made by a student from the university’s biological sciences faculty and it was on a visit to North Bay beach that this animal was found under a rock.

This insect was believed to be extinct since the year 1930, however it was unknown if it was carnivorous and if it had wings or not, so it was only known that it originated from Lord Howe Island.

According to Maxim Adán and the scientist Nicolás carrile they are exploring said that they are waiting for this mentioned beach that can only be entered on foot or through the water that they found the insect under the rock.

“For the first 10 seconds or so I was like no it can’t be,” Max assured, “I mean I picked up the first rock under this huge Banyan tree album and there it was.”

The size of these cockroaches is between 22 and 40 mm long and their color is between reddish and black and although their name is carnivorous cockroach, what this cockroach actually feeds on is wood.

It is the new discovery of the cockroach in science since they not only found one specimen but also found entire families of carnivorous cockroaches.