They discovered in Denmark two Viking treasures with almost 300 coins

File Photo: “He is Odin’s Man” is seen in a round semicircle above the head of a figure in a golden bracteate unearthed in Vindelev, Denmark, in 2020. Photograph: Arnold Mikkelsen/AP

Two treasures with almost 300 thousand-year-old silver coinssome of which are Arab and Germanic, were discovered near the remains of a Viking fortress in northwest Denmark, the museum that will keep them said Thursday.

The finding is the work of a young woman, who found the two treasures -separated by a few meters- while walking last autumn through a corn field with a metal detector, as part of a group expedition.

A treasure like this is very rare”, he stated to AFP Lars Christian Norbachdirector of the Nordjyske Museer, in North Jutland.

The silver coins were found about 8 km from the Fyrkat ring fort, near the town of Hobro. They would date from the 980s, according to their inscriptions.

In addition to Danish coins, there are also Arab and Germanic coins in the loot, as well as pieces of a 500-gram jewel from Scotland or Ireland, according to archaeologists.

The surprise is that the treasure dates from the same period as this Viking fortressa, built by King Harald ‘Blue Tooth’, who is, in a way, the founder of Denmark”, indicated Lars Christian Nørbach.

According to him, these treasures – which the Vikings buried during wars – could be related to the fortress, which burned in the same period.

He king harald minted a limited number of coins, the expert explained.

Private initiatives for archaeological purposes are legal in Denmark, as long as the landowner agrees and the finds are handed over to museums.

As soon as the harvest is over, next autumn, the searches will resume, the archaeologists said.

They hope to find graves and the houses of the former owners of the treasures.

The Vikings believed that if they buried their jewelry they could get it back after they died.

As of July 1, the treasures will be exhibited in the Aalborg Historical Museum (north).

The young woman who found them will receive a reward, the amount of which was not specified.

(With information from AFP)

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