They expose an unfaithful boyfriend on his birthday, they put the photos on the cake

The video of a young woman who organizes a birthday party for her boyfriend, who allegedly was unfaithful to her with her best friend, who is by her side, circulates on social networks.

The young woman asks him to take the cake, where he put a strip of paper with the photos of the infidelity.

In the images it can be seen that the unfaithful boyfriend knows absolutely nothing about what his girlfriend had planned for him, since the young woman began an investigation to find out if her partner was faithful or not.

After following him for several days, he discovered that he was seeing his best friend.

At first she thought it was a plan between her boyfriend and her friend to surprise her.

It was then that he followed him again one afternoon and discovered them kissing in a park, very affectionate.

The young woman only took the photographs to document the deception.

From that afternoon, the young woman began planning her boyfriend’s birthday party, in the company of all her friends and, of course, in the company of her best friend.

Finally the day came and the groom was excited, like all the friends who came to the party.

The bride asked her to take her cake so she could open the surprises it contained.

The boyfriend took out a strip of paper that suspensefully revealed the infidelity with his friend.

“First you have to see your present,” the bride said, handing her a box with a bow.

Opening it, the boyfriend took out some stuffed horns. Then the friends kept taking out the strip of paper and they were the photos of the boyfriend and his best friend kissing on a park bench, without shame or shame.

The young woman decided to cut it off and never hear from him again, after the humiliation that he put on her by exhibiting it with her friends.