They filter a new song by Christian Nodal and the fans thank Belinda

Christian Nodal is preparing new songs, which mostly seem to be heartbreak

Through social networks, the fragment of the next Christian Nodal song circulates, which will be heartbreak and doubts have already arisen about who it will be dedicated to, since it even talks about infidelity, for which Belinda’s name has emerged as the presumed inspiration.

And of course, after the love break that he starred in with Belinda, with which he monopolized the gossip of the show business, the fans expect many songs full of heartbreak, which apparently will happen and they already thank the Spanish.

Through TikTok, a fragment of Christian Nodal‘s new song was leaked, which will be included on his album “Forajido” and speculations have begun to arise about who it is addressed to.

In this fragment, Christian Nodal is heard singing with “despair” and some fans assure that it is dedicated to Belinda, for which they even thank the singer and actress.

“It is that I am also waiting for you to tell me, that you also cry in secret, that if you have a heart, that it did mark your farewell. But who takes away this pain? That goes far beyond you, because you were only unfaithful to me, but I betrayed myself” Christian Nodal is heard interpreting