They filter audio of Juan Gabriel where he says he faked his death and announces his return

Is Juan Gabriel alive?

The audio was analyzed to find out if Juan Gabriel’s voice was made with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The name of john gabriel monopolizes the spotlight again, because this coming September 7th a new song from the ‘Divo from Juarez’ titled “Mexxico is everything”which will be included in an album of previously unpublished songs by the famous singer.

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In addition, the networks have been in an uproar, since Maryfer Ryean expert in body language, analyzed an audio in which she is heard saying john gabriel who faked his death for all these years, since August 28, 2016.

“My loves, I am Juan Gabriel, to all the fans who waited for me to return because it happened, I want to tell you that the one who has taken care of me is Joaquín Muñoz during all these years that I faked everything, he has supported me and has taken care of me” .

On the recording, Juanga also denies the journalist Martha Figueroa to have looked for it to make the documentary ‘Divo or dead’ that she produced.

“I also want to deny Marta Figueroa, why didn’t she ever contact me to make a documentary that is coming out.”

the known graphologist analyzed the audio with the help of Alejandro Moreleon specialist in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

“If you listen to that audio and start training an Artificial Intelligence engine, you can clone a voice. I see certain patterns that sound very similar, he is very well trained, I have my doubts but I would say it is Artificial Intelligence… Singing like the good ‘Divo de Juárez’ there will be no AI engine that can achieve that”.