They filter video of Luis Miguel living with his daughter Michelle Salas

Luis Miguel and his daughter Michelle Salas They enjoy their company like never before, as it is well known that the relationship between the two has been intermittent, However, since “the Sun of Mexico” accompanied the young woman at her wedding, Just a few weeks ago, it was confirmed that currently They frequent each other and what greater proof than a video that has just been leaked in which they were captured having dinner together, smiling and talking.

A little less than a month that Salas married businessman Danilo Díaz Granadosit is already circulating on the internet a video where the 34-year-old appears with Luis Miguel, which appears to have been taken just a few tables away, of the restaurant where they were and where you can see that the influence approaches her father to show him some content on her cell phonehence ““Mickey” approaches her, smiles and makes a comment, which suggests that he maintains an excellent relationship.

How has the relationship been between Luis Miguel and Michelle Salas?

The bond between Luismi and Michelle has gone through ups and downsThen when Stephanie Salas got pregnant the singer disappeared, not knowing his paternity for many years.

According to what was said by Stephanie for “Hola” magazine in 2018, she and Luis Miguel met in 1985when they were both 15 years old. At that time, Salas participated in the play “Vaselina” and the singer was invited to one of the functions to unveil the plaque, when the staging reached a considerable number of presentations.

On that occasion, a mutual friend introduced them and weeks later He interceded for Salas to accept a date with “the Sun” and, although throughout Of the first two years, they only maintained a close friendship, when they turned 17 They started a love relationship the one who had the knowledge of their respective parents, Well, Sylvia Pasquel and Luis Rey became very good friends.

“His father, Luis Rey, organized meals and you are at his house where people from the entertainment world went.or, and I remember that on one occasion “I invited my mother, who ended up becoming great friends with Luis Rey,” she told the magazine.

According to Stephanie’s memories, their courtship did not follow the normal course of any relationship, since she was studying high school while he undertook world tours, so so that it could be seen, Salas traveled with him in many of his presentations, howeverthe dynamics of the relationship changed whenafter having a routine medical check-up, Her doctors gave her the news that she was pregnant.

“The truth was something unexpected and like any young girl In such a circumstance, I felt fear, uncertainty,” so he talked to his mother, the first to know of her pregnancy, and until four months later he broke the news to Luis Miguelwho highlights that he reacted with great serenity before the news.

“He did not suspect anything and using his strength and courage What could I do at such a young age?I told him I was pregnant (…) I think he had mixed feelings, he meditated on it, he digested itó, and he reacted in a very sensible and even-handed manner. At no time did he become crazy, angry, or aggressive… Then he took me to my house, and on the way he caressed my belly,” he explained.

However, after that meeting, Stephanie never heard from the singer again. and had to take chargeand her daughter alone, since it was not until 2007, two years after Michelle will confirm that her father was Luis Miguel, that the “Sun” he legally recognized her, but it was a matter of months so that father and daughter would distance themselves again.

The breakup of their relationship took place when The influencer became the girlfriend of Luis Miguel’s manager and friend, Alejandro Asensi. with which she was caught in the streets from Los Angeles in 2008situation that caused the annoyance from the interpreter of “México en la Piel”, because neither of them He told her about the relationship and he had to find out from third parties.

It was until last September that Salas attended one of the “Sol” concerts. which showed that the quarrels had been left behind, and just a month later, the singer became one of the guests at the young woman’s wedding, in which much has been said that accompanied her during a section of the wedding march, Well, most of the stretch he walked by the hand of his mother, However, there is no official source that assures this and, On the other hand, Michelle’s sister, Camila Valerohe assured the press that the only one who took her to the altar was her mother.