They filter video of the recreation of the chilling crime of Daniel Sancho

The shocking testimony of Daniel Sancho has shocked the world.

Daniel Sancho pleaded guilty, but could face the death penalty.

At the beginning of August, the entertainment world was shocked by the news that the Spanish chef Daniel Sancho, 29, took the life of his alleged sentimental partner in cold bloodthe Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrietain thailandcountry where the laws are very strict.

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‘Y ahora Sonsoles’, a program on the Spanish channel Antena 3, released images of the recreation of the crime scene and the shocking details it revealed Daniel Sancho, son of the famous Spanish actor Rodolfo Sanchowith the help of a translator, of how he ended the life of Arrieta, 44, in Thailand.

The two entered the reserved room and Daniel Sancho said that there was a fight that led to an argument because the doctor was refusing to end their relationship and demanded that they have sex.

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“Sorry, this has to end now. No, you are mine; I got up and punched him… I turned on hot water so the blood wouldn’t coagulate,” he is heard saying.

After the blow received, Edwin Arrieta’s head collided with the sink; Sancho revealed that the Colombian bit him trying to defend himself from him, so the Spaniard made the decision to whip his head several times.

Then, Sancho wandered around the room for a few hours, until he decided to drag the body into the shower.

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“I turned on the shower and turned on the water to wash away all the blood because there was a lot of it. I put the hot water on full so that the blood would not coagulate and stick”.

Thai officials asked Daniel Sancho to explain how he made pieces of Edwin Arrieta’s body. It should be noted that Sancho was also seen buying a large knife, a machete, a saw, plastic bags, gloves, and detergents.

“First it was the hand and then I started… I put the rest inside the bags.”