They filter which participants will face each other in the Exatlón México 2023 duel to define the next eliminated

According to information, a woman from the red team will be the one who leaves the competition.


Welcome to the excitement and adrenaline of Exatlon Mexico 2023! Today, we bring you leaked information about the upcoming duels that will define the next eliminated.

Exatlon Mexico 2023 It has been a competition full of surprises, challenges and intense emotions. The participants have demonstrated their strength, speed, agility, endurance and aim in various circuits, fighting to ensure their permanence in the program.

Who will face each other in the next duel?

According to leaked information, crucial duels will take place next Sunday the 31st, where participants of the most famous sports reality show in Mexico They must fight to ensure their permanence in the program.

It is worth mentioning that the production team decided to give the participants a brief break for the Christmas celebrations, but despite this, speculation about the next elimination is arising.

According to spoilers that have been circulating on the internet, the athlete who will be eliminated on New Year’s Day during the elimination duel will be Daniela Reza.

Everything indicates that Daniela It will be the sixth eliminated of this season Exatlon Mexico. It is important to clarify that this is only supposed information leaked in real time that has not been confirmed by production or by any official media, so the forecast could fail.

Exatlon Mexico 2023 promises to continue providing strong emotions and unforgettable moments. Don’t miss the next episodes to find out who will be eliminated next!

Who will win the competition?

Network users and reality fans assure that this season a participant from the red team will win due to the good level they have shown to have. In addition, let us remember that the blue team already has 4 athletes discharged after losing the elimination duels.

We just have to wait to see if the forecast changes, however, that’s what everyone points out about the seventh season of Exatlon Mexico.

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