They find a woman with more than 300 animals crammed into a mobile home; dogs, chickens and even a peacock

An elementary school teacher faces charges of animal cruelty in Florida, after police discovered that she lived with more than 300 animals crammed into a mobile home, in addition to her 75-year-old mother.

Lisa Lacharite, 48, was arrested on Friday after Polk County Sheriff’s Office deputies found 309 animals inside and outside the mobile home: 142 cats, three dogs and 164 birds (ducks, chickens, geese and even a peacock).

According to the police department, from the outside there was an “overwhelming” smell of ammonia and, once inside, the officers discovered stains of feces on the floor and walls, as well as many stains of urine.

According to a statement from the sheriff’s office, “multiple” birds were inside wire cages stacked in towers as high as three levels on the front porch of the mobile home.

Tests carried out by firefighters to measure the quality of the air inside the home showed results that ranged between 70 and 100 parts per million of ammonia. Firefighters warned that any level above 50 parts per million was a health hazard.

Given this, the officers took Lisa Lacharite’s mother, who had watery eyes and had difficulty moving, and transported her to a local hospital.
The detainee indicated that she usually rescues animals from the street, but acknowledged that the amount she had accumulated was already overwhelming and “too much for her.” She similarly accepted that the conditions inside the residence were not good for her and her mother, nor for the animals.

Lacharite agreed to give them up for adoption, except for her three dogs and her mother’s three cats, after which she was detained without resisting.