They find possible remains of Marcela Basteri, the mother of Luis Miguel

The mystery that since August 18, 1986 surrounds the whereabouts of the mother of Luis Miguel, Marcela Basteri, seems to be resolved. Last February, it transpired that Alejandro Basteri, the singer’s brother, told people close to him that he had found the whereabouts of his mother: a mass grave in Spain.

From a good source, last week we learned that there is an enormous possibility that his remains are in a Spanish city; this because El Sol and his siblings will have to undergo DNA tests to certify the authenticity of their relationship. If the results coincide, the most painful chapter of their lives would be closed, since Luisito Rey’s children have also been unaware of their destiny for 36 years.

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The disappearance of the Italian is the greatest regret in the singer’s life, and over the years, it has regained relevance at different times. During these almost four decades, countless versions have been speculated: the most optimistic, that she is hospitalized in Italy for a mental illness or that she wanders homeless in Argentina, which was finally denied. The most pessimistic: that she died in tragic circumstances with the alleged participation of Luisito Rey. Of the latter, none is fully proven, but biographers of the singer and the same bioseries that Luis Miguel produced confirm the verbal, physical and psychological violence that his partner exerted on his entire family, and the beatings he came to give him. to Marcela. The conclusions of a murder are not far away.


The same series hints that Luisito Rey was in charge of distancing Marcela from Luis Miguel and Alejandro, her first two children, before her disappearance, not letting them talk to her. Basteri traveled to her native Italy with her son, her youngest Sergio, and when Micky and Alex asked about her, her father told them that Marcela did not want to talk to them, because she had left with another man. Along with this version, it is said that at this point Luisito Rey was angry after his wife confessed that his little son was not his; it is speculated that it was Arturo “El Negro” Durazo Morenowith whom she related at the request of her own husband.

Just as a result of this, testimonies spread from people who reconfirm that Luisito Rey was involved in the disappearance that, after taking place somewhere in Spain, as several versions indicate, forever marked the life of the Sun. One of the most credible assures that the The last fight between the couple was due to an embezzlement of 20 million dollars that he made to his son, subscribing the amount in the name of Marcela Basteri in a Swiss account. She went to Italy with her family, and some time later Luisito Rey asked her to meet him in Madrid. According to statements by an aunt, Marcela was afraid because he would make her sign documents to give her that amount and other properties. It was the last that was heard of her.

Luisito Rey asked “Black” Durazo to disappear her

The most scandalous of the testimonies that exist on the subject is that of Andrés García, who in 2018, before the microphones of the radio program Todo para la mujer, revealed that the Spanish interpreter asked the former Chief of the Capital Police to disappear Marcela. And the famous former official told him. The same singer had asked the actor, but both refused.

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“El Negro told me: ‘Hey, Luisito is asking me to do that.’ I told. ‘That’s outrageous. You can not do that!'”. In fact, he assures that he also told Luismi, who, disappointed, replied: “’What an embarrassment my father makes me feel!’ I believe that Marcela separated from Luisito Rey because of her mistreatment, fed up with so many injustices that he did to her (…). We were very close friends at one time, then he made me two barbarisms and I cut him off there. He was a bad person, he was a perfect son of his badass. He didn’t respect anyone, he took advantage of everyone.”

It transpired that the former Mexico City Police Chief was introduced to Luis Miguel’s parents through Andrés García. In the series that Luis Miguel sponsored himself, it is reconfirmed that the official managed to get the artist to sing at the wedding of the daughter of President José López Portillo (1976-1982). In exchange, Luisito Rey sexually granted his wife, without her knowledge. It is also speculated that in August 1986, Marcela accompanied Luisito Rey to a private event in which there were drugs, alcohol and sex. She plunged into depression she took drugs, drank, went swimming and drowned. The same version assures that her partner was in charge of hiding her body.

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