They fire a member of Ventaneando for harassing young people, they reveal



It is reported that a member of Pati Chapoy’s team would have been fired for improper conduct with his colleagues at TV Azteca.

This was revealed by Imagen TV journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante, who had known about his colleague’s abuse for a long time.

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Ernesto Hernández is the name of the worker ‘Windowing’ that he would have been fired from the Ajusco television station for sexual harassment.

Ernesto-Hernández-Villegas-collaborator-of-Ventaneando-would-have-been-fired-from-TV-Azteca-for-harassing-young people.jpg

Ernesto Hernández Villegas, collaborator of ‘Ventaneando’, would have been fired from TV Azteca for “harassing young people.”


“I find out that finally They fired a harasser of young boys named Ernesto Hernández Villegas from the TV Azteca entertainment program. I’ve known him since school and he was always a bully of kids.. “Didn’t they realize it in 28 years?” wrote the headline of the program ‘First Hand’.

At the moment it is unknown if there are formal complaints before the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City against Ernesto Hernández, a collaborator of Pati Chapoy.

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