They found a mysterious giant iron ball on a beach in Japan

A mysterious giant iron ball washed up on a beach in Japan and local authorities restricted access to the area to investigate it.

A local woman reported this Tuesday morning to the police that she had discovered this metallic sphere of unknown origin in the Enshu beach, in the city of Hamamatsu.

As reported by the television network Asahithe husband of the woman who tipped off the police was taking a walk about two or three days ago and noticed something suspicious.

Experts reviewed the object and determined that there was no risk of explosion

The local press noted that the 1.5 meter diameter object is rusty and it has a handle-shaped projection that would allow it to be hooked to another element. And, according to various television reports, an X-ray scan revealed that he was gap.

Explosives specialists surrounded the object dressed in protective gear and determined that there was no risk of an outburst and lifted the restrictions at 4:00 p.m. local time. However, it has not yet been possible to decipher what it is.

Local media reported that photos of the object were sent to the Japan Self-Defense Forces and coast guard experts.

In social networks it has generated much speculation among users about the origin of this sphere and, through some comments, they have compared it with objects from disaster and science fiction movies.

giant iron ball in japan
Authorities had cordoned off the area while investigating the origin of the object, which has not yet been confirmed.

In addition, this apparition arises at a time when there is great interest in the discoveries of unidentified objects in different parts of the world after the United States shot down on February 4 a Chinese balloon that according to Washington is part of an espionage program and that Beijing had only meteorological purposes.

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