They freed a Spanish activist who had been detained in Iran since November

Ana Baneira Suárez (social networks)

The Spanish Ana Baneira Suarez24 years old, who was imprisoned in Iran since the beginning of November, it was released by Iranian authorities and is already flying back to Spainreported this Sunday sources from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain.

She was released yesterday, but we didn’t want to announce it publicly before her plane had taken off from Iran.”, said the Spanish Foreign Minister, José Manuel Albares. The activist was flying back to Spain, via Dubai, the sources have specified. Her arrival in Madrid is scheduled for early this afternoon.

Baneira, a member of a human rights NGO, was arrested last November for allegedly participating in protests following the death of Mahsa Aminithe young woman who died after being arrested for wearing the Islamic veil incorrectly placed.

At no time have the reasons or exact circumstances of his arrest been disclosed.

According to the Ministry, the activist has already spoken with Minister Albares, whom she assured that she is in good condition and has expressed her joy at returning home and her gratitude for the steps taken by this department for her release.

Ana Baneira Suárez (social networks)
Ana Baneira Suárez (social networks)

The Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) was the one that reported his arrest in November, without revealing the exact date or placeafter which Albares reported that he had asked the Spanish embassy in Tehran to give priority to his case and that of another Spaniard, Santiago Sanchez Fuckeralso arrested for allegedly having visited Amini’s grave.

Baneira is known in Galicia, his native region in Spain, for his involvement in different solidarity causes and several Galician entities had requested his release.

With his release from prison, Sánchez Cogedor is still detained in Iran. This was arrested in early october when he was walking to Qatar to watch the World Cup just after visiting Amini’s grave.

In these months, both Albares and other members of his department have maintained contacts with their Iranian counterparts to request the release of the two Spaniards and to take an interest in their situation and that they be guaranteed adequate treatment while they were in prison.

The sources consulted have assured that now that Baneira has been released, efforts continue both from the consular services in the Ministry and from the Embassy in Tehran to achieve her release and her family is kept informed at all times.

(With information from EFE, AFP and Europa Press)

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