They give the green light for the delivery of the Ariel awards

Despite the diretes and diretes caused Due to lack of financial resources, the Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences you don’t have to interrupthe 2023 delivery of the Ariel award for the best of national cinema, considers María Novaro, general director of Imcine.

Two weeks ago, the Academy announced that all activities related to the delivery of awards, like the summons, would be postponed for lack of money for its realization. And he remembered that They no longer received a federal budgetwhich made everything more complicated.

After the announcement, people like Guillermo del Torodirector of “Pan’s Labyrinth” and “The Shape of Water”indicated that the lack of support they were affecting Mexican cinema.

Days after, representatives of the AMACC (by its acronym) as its president Leticia Huíjara, They met with Alejandra Frausto, holder of the Federal Ministry of Culture and Novaro itself.

There, remember the officialthey were informed that in case of the ceremony, they would be supported with the statuettes, In addition to asking them for a list of necessary requirements for the making of the film event.

«If someone else pays them (the prizes), how goodbut, the we will continue to pay. It does not have to be interrupted (the ceremony), there is an offer from the Ministry of Culture, but since they are a civil association, They can choose other paths, “he says.

«The statuettes have always been paid by the Secretariat; for the event of the ceremony has always been counted with the possibility of having offices (As the Palace of Fine Arts and National Cinematheque), never stopped counting with the support of the state. Now asked to be listed their needs”, emphasizes Novaro.

Last week Huijara, from AMACC, indicated to a newspaper of national circulation that from within it the idea of ​​forming a board of trustees continues to avoid economic fluctuations.

So far it doesn’t exist date for the Ariel Awards 2023, including post of the respective call.