They got married in the Typhoon-flooded church ‘Doksuri’ and their wedding went viral

  • Regardless of the climate disaster, two young people decided to say “yes” surrounded by water

At least eleven people died and another 27 are missing after the heavy rains that have fallen since last weekend in Beijing, the Chinese capital, as a result of the passage of typhoon ‘Doksuri’, which already left a dozen deaths days ago. In Philippines. More than 100 thousand people were evacuated by the big storms.

Typhoon Doksuri, which recently became a tropical storm, left a trail of destruction across China and the Philippine island of Luzon. Floods, landslides and strong winds have wreaked havoc in the region.

Amid the devastation caused by the typhoon in the Philippines, an act of love and courage moved the world. A wedding couple decided not to call off their wedding even though the typhoon left the church in the town of Malolos completely flooded. For sure, the couple went ahead with their plans that were not suspended due to rain.

Despite adversity, the bride and groom clung to their love and decided to face the chaos and get married in the flooded church. The video of the unusual celebration shows the unique and emotional scene that took place in the temple converted into a kind of pool. The bride bravely walked down the aisle in water up to her ankles, her train floating and part of her outfit wet.

The guests, dressed in their best clothes, were also in an unconventional environment, some lifting their pants and removing their shoes, while others wore rain boots to protect themselves from the great flood inside the church.

The situation was exceptional, but love and solidarity were present. The attendees chose to observe the scene or record it with their mobiles, showing apparent normality and support for the couple on their special day.