“They haven’t seen it coming”: Héctor ‘N”s daughter denounces Ginny Hoffman

They announced it months ago and it finally happened. Daniela parra denounced Ginny hoffman due to omission of the alleged crime for which his father, Héctor ‘N’, has been deprived of his freedom for five months.

The actor’s daughter assured that the actress would also have to be investigated for the crime of sexual abuse, for which her sister pointed to her father.

“Here is the complaint, it is official, because as I said, my father is innocent, so this complaint is to be investigated well, so that they really do the job as they have to,” he told ‘Ventaneando’.

“I am suing Mrs. Ginny Hoffman for omission of the facts […] If my father is being investigated for alleged crimes, then the woman should also be investigated for the omission of those same crimes.

Daniela Parra was clear: “The prosecution has to investigate everyone involved. They don’t want to investigate her because I don’t know why. So now they are going to have to do it forcibly […] if my sister suffered any abuse, she omitted it ”.

This is not new. The defense of Héctor ‘N’ had already announced that they would prepare lawsuits against Ginny Hoffman and Alexa Parra.

José Luis Guerrero, Héctor’s lawyer, revealed in an interview with the YouTube channel Productora 69 that Ginny and her daughter “they haven’t seen it coming”, when talking about the possible consequences of Héctor Parra being sentenced to prison. In addition to the complaint for the alleged crime of moral damage against Ginny, the defense of Héctor ‘N’ pointed out that the actress had incurred two crimes:

“The crimes committed by Mrs. Hoffman are two, in my opinion, one on family violence, which has already been denounced and is in process; and two, the omission that could be updated if Parra’s responsibility was determined, because she as The victim’s mother was obliged to inform the authorities of the facts, which she has publicly acknowledged that she decided to omit “.

“It is an issue that fell under an obligation to do,” said the lawyer, so knowing about the abuse against her daughter, and not having reported it at the time, Ginny would have incurred a fault that is punishable between 2 and 7 years of prison.

“It is a strategy that ends up taking the victim’s mother to jail, and I think they have not seen that coming. If Hector lied, or if we are not able to prove his innocence, and Hector is ultimately convicted, this sentence he also makes Mrs. Hoffman a participant in other crimes. “