They impersonate Amazon on Black Friday, learn about the fraud that is stealing your data

Alert for fraud via WhatsApp that impersonates Amazon during Black Friday (Photo: File)

During this Black friday people get carried away by offers of a wide variety of articles, however, this is something that some take advantage of to commit fraud using names of well-known brands and fake discounts.

The IT security company ESET warned that care should be taken about a new scam that is circulating through WhatsApp impersonating Amazon.

Under the pretext of Black friday cybercriminals circulate an alleged Amazon promotion that gives away 5,000 products. The goal is to convince people to download an app.

“As is often the case with this type of deception via WhatsApp about alleged prizes or gifts, the messages usually come from contacts who have been previously deceived, so it is important to be aware to prevent the scam from continuing to circulate.”, Says Miguel Ángel Mendoza, IT Security Researcher at ESET Latin America.

Criminals take advantage of seasons like Black Friday (Photo: EFE / EPA / IAN LANGSDON / File)
Criminals take advantage of seasons like Black Friday (Photo: EFE / EPA / IAN LANGSDON / File) (EFEM0297 /)

What is fraud?

The trap that cybercriminals have laid is to encourage the user to complete certain steps of their message, such as answer a questionnaire and thus win the supposed gift.

In another stage, the potential victim has to share the message asus contacts to “advance” and be a recipient of the supposed prize. This is the point that makes the supposed offer go viral soon.

After having shared the message with contacts, the next step to complete the fraud, is that the user downloads an application, which could contain malware. “From ESET they comment that this type of campaign has diversified to compromise information and the user’s device, either through subscription to Premium SMS services, information theft, or the installation of applications of dubious reputation and activity ”.

According to the cybersecurity company, these fraudulent campaigns They are characterized by the use of apocryphal elements to convince the possible victim that it is legitimate. In addition to impersonating brands, You can use comments from presumed participants who have already won the award, profiles and reactions to them.

black friday
Alleged survey to win the award (Photo: ESET)

“We have been analyzing and reporting this type of scams for quite some time and its frequency does not stop. Using various themes focused on each country and also massive, as in this case the BlackFriday, the operators behind these campaigns use the name and image of recognized brands to constantly circulate new scams”, Said the expert.

The methods of the cybercriminals They have evolved, since from going to spread their deceptions by email, now they do so through practically any platform that allows interaction with users such as messaging applications and chats.

How to avoid falling into this type of fraud

According to the company, there are three simple recommendations that anyone can take into account so as not to become a victim of these cybercriminals who seek to commit fraud at all costs. The tips are:

black friday
Fake profiles claim to have received the award (Photo: ESET)

-Disregard this kind of posts, even if they come from trusted contacts, as it is very likely that they have also been misled.

-Eliminate these types of messages without interacting with them, since on the one hand you avoid becoming a victim and at the same time you break with the distribution chain of the threat.

-Have a security solution configured and updated on the device, which allows identifying and blocking fake sites, as well as possible malicious applications that can be downloaded to the device.

Since these threats can come from anywhere in the world, you should generally doubt those that are too good, do not interact with them, but above all, do not download files if they request it and choose to look for offers on official sites .


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