They insult Sam Smith while taking a walk in New York

A woman verbally assaulted Sam Smith, who showed indifference to the attacks

A few days ago, Sam Smith triumphed at the Grammys, winning the award for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group, along with the trans artist, Kim Petras, for the song ‘Unholy’.

Sam and Kim highlighted that they became the first non-binary person and the first trans woman to be awarded and to be part of the shows at the ceremony.

Their recent appearance sparked controversy, as they were accused by some Internet users of performing a satanic ritual, conservative comments were present on networks after their presentation.

In a recent video shared on social networks, the British artist can be seen walking calmly through Central Park, when a woman begins to insult him.

“Sam Smith should go to hell,” a woman is heard screaming in the video, where she also yells at him, “You evil, twisted, sick bastard. Leave the children alone!”, is heard later in the recording shared on social networks.

The 30-year-old interpreter is indifferent and tries not to give importance to the verbal attacks of the woman, who apparently records him from her cell phone.