They investigate the strange cases of hundreds of people sticking with needles in nightclubs in the United Kingdom

In UK clubs there is a new form of assault that includes the use of needles to inject unknown substances (Illustrative Image) (Photo: REUTERS / Nir Elias) (NIR ELIAS /)

There’s a new form of assault that has UK partygoers terrified, who are being targeted by unscrupulous who They are pricked with needles and injected with unknown substances to drug them, steal their belongings or abuse them.

According to the Council of Chiefs of the National Police, Since September, almost 300 cases of needle sticks have been reported in UK nightclubs.

The authorities asked that all police headquarters report “all incidents related to some form of injection,” resulting in 274 cases between September 1 and November 8

The number in question relates to the incidents reported, which means that the police may not have yet officially confirmed or registered them as crimes.

Concerns about growing cases of needlestick crime arose in October, although opinion is divided on the likelihood that needles are widely used instead of other forms of crime such as altering beverages with hallucinogenic or psychoactive substances.

But the increase in reports of these cases led activists to organize boycotts of nightclubs, as they push for stricter security measures.

This is how the campaign came about ‘Girls Night In’, a series of boycotts that spread to at least 40 cities including Bristol, Brighton, Bournemouth, Belfast, Nottingham and Southampton, informs Daily Mail.

Although local media like National World have affirmed that since November 8 there are no new cases in the files of the police, other media such as The Doncaster Free Press collect the testimony of seven women from that city who declared having been victims of a “needle stick.” One of them was taken by ambulance to a local hospital after the incident.

Some puncture victims reported having their arms pinched with clubs and then developing bruises, which caused fears of having been attacked with needles.

Other alleged victims detailed that After the incident, they went to hospitals for fear of having been infected with HIV or hepatitis from potentially contaminated needles.

For his part, and in the face of the fear that is gripping the British, the leader of the Council of Chiefs of the National Police for drugs, Deputy Chief of Police Jason Harwin, said that the police forces are investigating incidents of needle sticks and continue working with pubs and clubs to increase searches and staff targeting.

“We continue to collect responses from all forces in the UK in relation to incidents involving some type of injection, with a total of 274 reports confirmed from early September to November,” he claimed.


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