They launch a campaign to freeze Qatar’s assets for its support of Hamas

Ismail Haniyeh, president of the Hamas Political Bureau (Europa Press/Contact/Hamas Chief Office) (Europa Press/Contact/Hamas Chie/)

He Counter Extremism Project (CEP)led by CEO Ambassador Mark D. Wallace and President Frances F. Townsend, has announced a global campaign to freeze Qatar assets. This action is a direct response to the massacre in Israel that was driven by Hamas leaders, many of whom are based in Doha.

According to the CEP, for many years, Qatar has been singled out for providing shelter, support and a platform to Hamas leaders. Ismail Haniyeh, chairman of the Hamas Political Bureau, and his predecessor, Khaled Meshaal, both designated terrorists by the United States, live luxurious lives in five-star accommodations in Doha, Qatar. Furthermore, the CEP has alleged that Qatar has funded Hamas generously, with estimates ranging from USD 360 and USD 480 million annuallyincluding support through government-controlled charities.

Another prominent figure in Hamas, Ali al-Qaradaghi, He resides in Qatar and holds the position of highest religious authority within the organization. He is accused of providing a religious justification in the form of a Fatwa for acts of terrorism perpetrated by Hamas. Al-Qaradaghi succeeded the late Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who was a long-time resident of Qatar and supported Hamas atrocities, also providing his religious support for suicide attacks in the past.

Following the attacks that began on October 7, reports cited by the CEP revealed that Ismail Haniyeh, from his office in Qatar, watched the attacks as they occurred. That same day, he issued a video speech that was broadcast by Al Jazeera, a television network owned and controlled by Qatar and the Al Thani family. In this speech, he called for violence against Israel.

In a statement, the CEP detailed that it has taken immediate measures and has demanded that Qatar and the Al Thani royal family immediately detain Haniyeh and other Hamas leaders living in Doha. Additionally, the CEP requests that you facilitate its immediate transfer to US and/or Israeli authorities.

On the other hand, the CEP reported that on Saturday, October 14, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, met with Haniyeh and other Hamas leaders in Qatar. A photograph captured the moment Abdollahian kissed Haniyeh, as Qatari agents watched in the background, raising concerns about Qatar’s association with Hamas.

Qatar assets in the spotlight

Qatar’s financial investments in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe, spanning from real estate to energy companies, aviation and sports franchises, have been under scrutiny. The CEP campaign calls for the freezing of all Qatari-owned assets in these regions and the prevention of funds earned or paid to these assets from being repatriated to Qatar.

Khaled Mesaal, head of the Hamas Diaspora Office and former head of the Political Bureau (Europa Press/Contact/Stringer)
Khaled Mesaal, head of the Hamas Diaspora Office and former head of the Political Bureau (Europa Press/Contact/Stringer) (Europa Press/Contact/Stringer/)

For the CEP, this asset freeze must remain in force until Qatar hand over all members of the Hamas leadership who are based in Qatarincluding Haniyeh and Meshaal, to the American and/or Israeli authorities, and facilitate the immediate return of all hostages held by Hamas.

To support these efforts, CEP has appointed Lee Wolosky from the American law firm Jenner & Block LLP already Gary Osen by Osen LLC. Wolosky, a widely recognized attorney, has served in senior legal and national security roles for four U.S. presidents, including serving as special counsel to President Biden and U.S. special envoy for Guantanamo closure during the administration. of Obama. For his part, Osen has litigated complex international cases.

The Qatar Asset Freeze Coalition, in collaboration with the CEP, has embarked on the task of identify Qatar assetsnotify the relevant parties of their obligations related to the freezing of assets and prevent the monetary repatriation of any sums to Qatar.

In turn, Wallace and Townsend have issued a statement in support of the asset freeze campaign. In this statement, they have emphasized that there is no excuse for Qatar to continue providing refuge to Hamas leaders and for refusing to facilitate the release of the hostages. They assure that Qatar’s sponsorship of the Hamas terrorist group must come to an end.

The CEP is now specifically calling on several companies to freeze all assets and separate profits in order to prevent any repatriation of funds to Qatar. Among the companies mentioned are the Paris Saint-Germain Football Club, City Center DC and Heathrow Airport Holdings.

The CEP expects these entities to cooperate with its efforts to cut off the flow of Qatari money to Hamas and, among other things, preserve all documents, including electronic media, reflecting communications with Qatari stakeholders related to Qatar’s support for Hamas.

Ultimately, the CEP emphatically calls on all parties involved to ensure that no funds are repatriated to Qatar as long as the Al Thanis continue to provide safe haven to Hamas leaders and Hamas continues to hold hostages from Israel, the United States and other countries around the world. The CEP is committed to working tirelessly to seize Qatar’s international assets and end its long-standing sponsorship of the Hamas terrorist group.