They launch a petition to remove Gustavo Adolfo Infante from TV programs after controversy

Through the portal, a collection of signatures was started for the driver to be fired

After the discussion that Gustavo Adolfo Infante had with Joanna Vega-Biestro and Ana María Alvarado, a wave of criticism was unleashed against the entertainment journalist, who days later apologized to his colleagues for his aggressive reaction and the rude way in which he went towards them; However, Internet users did not ignore his attitude and launched a petition to remove the driver from the air.

It was last week when Adolfo Infante exploded against his colleagues during a broadcast of Sale el Sol, where he assured that he is tired of the morning’s hosts wanting to stain their exclusives, because according to him, they do not carry any.

He also threatened Vega-Biestro with asking his bosses to decide who they would stay with: “From now on I’m going to ask the company to remove me or Joanna from this program,” said the presenter of Imagen Television.

The behavior of Adolfo Infante generated widespread annoyance among the public, to the point that they began a collection of signatures through the portal with the purpose of keeping the driver out not only of Sale el Sol but of the rest of the programs in those that appear, including The minute that changed my destiny and First hand.

The petition, which is addressed to Olegario Vázquez Aldir, director of the television station, points out that in his appearances in front of the cameras, Adolfo Infante “has given countless signs of machismo, misogyny, homophobia, racism and discrimination.”

The text points out that when the journalist has different opinions from those of the reporters or presenters, he threatens or insults them. They point out that Adolfo Infante lacks professionalism and does not deserve to occupy a space on the small screen.

“WE CANNOT, NOR SHOULD we end up normalizing verbal violence in this way, which this driver flaunts without showing the slightest respect and gratitude to those who see him. Because although we are clear that we are talking about entertainment programs, it is also true that as a communicator, this man has the power to enter millions of homes daily and he is doing it with total irresponsibility.

Later, they add that the driver “feels immovable, to the extent that he does not care in the least about taking care of his image in other media – where he shows despicable attitudes – and it is impossible to continue watching his programs when discovering such low quality as a human being. ”. So far the petition has 7,000 signatures.