They leak audio of Paola Suárez where she threatens her fiancé: You will be better inside than outside

José de Jesús Castro and Paola Suárez.


Last Wednesday, Paola Suárez received a brutal beating by her fiancé, José de Jesús Castro, for which she had to be hospitalized for three days.

After The trans influencer reappeared on a live show after being dischargedwhere he shared that does not understand How could the man who proposed to her hit her?an audio has been leaked in which supposedly the voice of is heard Paola Suarez while talking to a person you know her boyfriend.

The last:

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In said conversation leaked by the ‘Gossip’ program, it is implied that the member of ‘Las Perdidas’ I had already warned her fiance to get away from her and stop bothering her.

“That’s what I told him to let you be corrupted because I’m out here, and if you want to come we’ll talk, I don’t have any request. I’m going to leave late here, here you go… Me right now I just sent a message to Jesus, don’t bother me anymore because if he bothers me I’m going to sue him.. If he does something to me, heOr I’m going to get into the boat and I’ll see if you get in, whether your dad gets in or your mom gets in.”.

He went to tell me things at my house, my security told him: ‘We don’t want you around here because you’re going to get in trouble.’. She started telling me: ‘It’s just that I hang out with those who sell me.’”

In addition, Wendy Guevara’s friend He made it clear to the person he was talking to that he had the financial resources and ‘influences’ to put him in jail..

“I’m not a girl who can’t stand idly by either. I have money, I have lawyers, I have whatever you want to defend myself and if necessary güe. I’ll give you two three pinch… things so that they put you in the f… boat, because believe me you’re going to be better inside than outside”.

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