They leaked videos of a private party of the Prime Minister of Finland

A video of the Prime Minister of Finland, sanna marinwas disclosed this Wednesday causing controversy in his country, by showing it dancing with friends and celebrities in a private meeting.

In the images, published by the Finnish tabloid newspaper Iltalehtiis seen enjoying with the singer Soulthe rapper petri nygardas well as with the television presenter Tinni Wikstromand other influencers and members of his own social democratic party.

Marin dances, sings and drinks in what appears to be an apartment. No illegal activities or consumption of prohibited substances are recorded, but that was not necessary to renew the criticism of his opponents of his lifestyle.

Several celebrities were present at the party

They filter video of parties of the premiere of Finland

The 36-year-old premier took office in 2019 and until recently was the youngest president in the world, but fell to third place on the list after the assumptions of Gabriel Boric in Chile and Dritan Abazović in Montenegro, with whom she has only a few months difference .

It is not clear when the images were taken, but there is no information indicating that he is violating any type of health restriction, in a country that did not have a harsh quarantine.

This Thursday, he defended himself by pointing out his right to enjoy his free time. “They are private images that were not intended to be made publicMarina declared. Iltalehtiand expressed his disappointment at the leak.

But he stressed: “I have nothing to hide and I did nothing illegal”. He admitted to drinking alcohol, but clarified that he did not take drugs.

Sanna Marin testifies to the press after the leak of the video (via Reuters)
Sanna Marin testifies before the press after the leak of the video (via Reuters) (LEHTIKUVA /)

then to the station YleI declare that he hopes that people understand that it is his free time and noted: “We live in a democracy.”

Many young people applaud that he enjoys his personal life, while other sectors consider that he should have a more decorous behavior for his position.

Last year she was forced to apologize for partying at 4am despite having been in contact with a minister who tested positive for COVID. On that occasion, she claimed that she had been told that she did not need to isolate herself because she was vaccinated, but she acknowledged that she did not read a message that recommended she isolate herself from her, excusing herself for having left her work phone.

sanna marin
The party she was criticized for last year

A few days ago, the German newspaper bild he called her the “coolest politician in the world”, noting her popularity among millennials in times of tension over the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Marin has been an outspoken critic of Putin since the start of the war and led, along with her Swedish counterpart, Magdalena Andersson, the way for the two neutral countries to join NATO, a historic decision.

This week, Marin also announced that Finland would reduce tourist visas for Russians to just 10% of their current amount.

Magdalena Andersson and Sanna Marin (via Reuters)
Magdalena Andersson and Sanna Marin (via Reuters) (TT NEWS AGENCY/)

Chosen by the BBC and the magazine Forbes among the 100 most influential and powerful women in the worldMarin has had a brilliant political career.

In just five years, she went from winning her first seat in the Finnish Parliament to becoming the youngest prime minister in the world (although she was later surpassed by the Austrian Sebastian Kurz), leading an unprecedented government led by five women from other countries. so many parties and made up of 11 ministers and 8 ministers.

Marin’s family background marked her character and her political convictions, making her a progressive, tolerant and feminist woman, with a great ability to inspire confidence and convey closeness.

Born into a home with few resources, her mother divorced her alcoholic father when Marin was very young and formed a couple with a woman, which is why she usually says that she was raised in a “rainbow” family. The delicate family economic situation forced her from the age of 15 to combine her studies with occasional jobs, including as a cashier in a supermarket, a circumstance that taught her the value of personal effort and the importance of the Nordic welfare system.

“In my opinion, the economic level of your family has been more important than having two mothers. The fact of being young and a woman makes her an example for other young women, because they see that it is possible to become outstanding political leaders”, she explains to Eph Göran Djupsund, prestigious political analyst.

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