They make fun of Martha Debayle again, now for her “perfect” English and Spanish

Martha Debayle’s life advice has often caused criticism on social networks. One of the most remembered is when the host recommended that, when a visitor comes home, it is advisable to offer a can of soda lined with a sock because “let’s face it, cans are ugly.”

The controversy served, by the way, for Debayle to launch his own line of sleeves for cans.

Now, Debayle is once again at the center of a discussion due to a statement she made during an interview with journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda, to whom she spoke about the criticism she receives for being a perfect bilingual.

“Many people annoy me why I speak English the way I speak English. I wanted to take advantage of this space with this scope to say that on the contrary: they should congratulate and recognize how well I speak Spanish because the first language I learned was English “.

From the beginning of her career, Martha Debayle was distinguished by her ability to speak English, which allowed her to do interviews with great international music stars.

But his pronunciation has been criticized, for example, when he interviewed Lady Gaga for the release of her album “Chromatic”, where the singer herself told him: “I love the way you pronounce Chromatic”.

Debayle responded to the criticism during the interview with Mara Patricia with this argument:

“So when you know how to say Popocatépetl, it’s impossible for you to say it wrong because you know how to say it well. The same thing happens to me with McDonald’s, I can’t say it wrong because I do know how to say it.”

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