They offer a year of free corn to whoever helps stop some thieves

A business dedicated to the sale of corn in Nuevo León, asked users for help to find some thieves

Crime has reached its highest levels, because in the least expected place, they also steal, like what happened in a business dedicated to the sale of corn and skittles located in Apodaca, Nuevo León.

And it is that social networks are now also a tool to expose and catch criminals, because the owners of this small place decided to post an incredible ad on their Facebook page. “

A year of free corn, to help us find the whereabouts of these thieves, “they wrote in the publication along with a video in which the facts can be seen in detail.

In that sense, the owners of “Galaxia” as the elotes stand is called detailed that the robbery took place on August 15 in one of its branches, because in the middle of the night, at least three men broke into the premises to take some items.

“They broke into the Apodaca branch to rob us and we are looking for them. If you know them send us a message. The person who helps us find them, we will give them 1 year of corn for free, “they specified on social networks.