They organize themselves in networks to defend and support Belinda

Belinda has always considered her fans one of the greatest strengths of her career. Now that the singer is going through the difficult moment of breaking off her commitment to Christian Nodal, Beli’s followers have organized on social networks to defend her from what they consider unfounded attacks.

The movement began when the singer posted messages on her twitter account in which she points out that since the breakup with Nodal, she has been the target of defamation and unfounded attacks:

“Unfortunately, in recent days, public figures and the media have crossed the barrier of respect, reaching the point of issuing comments that constitute gender violence, judging me for the fact that I have made decisions that only correspond to me, since that, in any case, only affect my private circle, defaming, slandering and misrepresenting information that places me in a very vulnerable position”.

Belinda’s fans then joined the “Always Together Beli” trend to express their support for the singer.

“The harassment, defamation, gender violence and misogyny that beli has received in recent days has really been INHUMAN, I am very proud that she has raised her voice and is already taking legal action,” reads one of the messages.

Other messages also refer to the difference in treatment with respect to Christian Nodal, who has just released a new song that seems inspired by his breakup.

“While the other applauds his new song, Beli is slandered.”