They predicted an abrupt drop in temperature in South Florida for the weekend

It is expected that Saturday night and Sunday morning will be cold in Miami (EFE)

Christmas was unusually cold in these latitudes. Nothing compared to the minus 50 degrees Celsius it got in the north-central part of the country, but for how warm South Florida tends to be, the last few weeks of December felt almost like a “white Christmas” (without snow).

Although in January there are also usually some cold days, so far they have not been felt. But for this weekend, Miamians should take out the coats from the bottom of the closet usually reserved for trips to other colder latitudes.

According to the National Weather Service, Sunday morning will dawn with a temperature around six degrees Celsius.

Temperatures around six degrees Celsius but with sunny days
Temperatures around six degrees Celsius but with sunny days

But although the awakening will be very cold, As the day progresses, the temperature will increase because it is expected to be a very sunny day, reaching an expected maximum of close to 20 degrees Celsius.going back down into the night.

But unlike what happened during Christmasthis cold front will be very brief and will not settle for days. In fact, by Monday morning temperatures are expected to exceed 20 degrees again.

Although it will have its peak on Sunday morning, the cold front will begin to move in from the west beginning Friday afternoon. Little by little the temperature will begin to drop to find its lowest point on Saturday night and Sunday morning.

On Saturday morning the temperature should not be so low, but strong winds of about 40 kilometers per hour are expected, which can generate a cold thermal sensation.

The cold will last a short time, less than a day in South Florida
The cold will last a short time, less than a day in South Florida

A little further north Around the Lake Okeechobee area of ​​central Florida, weekend temperatures will drop below freezinggenerating a risk of freezing in the citrus fields so typical of the area.

To the south, in the Florida Keys, temperatures will remain higher, averaging 20 degrees Celsius during the day, and a 30% chance of rain.

On the west coast of the peninsula, temperatures will also remain close to 20 degrees, but with a 60 percent chance of rain on Saturday.

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