They propose marriage to Paola Suárez from “Las Pérdidas”: “I’m getting married, comadres”

Through Instagram, the influencer and friend of Wendy Guevara shared the moment in which she was given the engagement ring

In December 2023, Kimberly “The Most Precious” She married her husband Óscar Barajas in Guanajuato; now Paola Suarez from “Las Pérdidas” announced that she will get married, after they asked her to marry him in a restaurant.

Through instagramthe influencer and friend of Wendy Guevara She shared the moment in which she was given the engagement ring.

“Comadres, well, I’m marrying you, you just surprised me. I feel nice, oh,” said Paola.

In the recording you can see the moment when her partner approaches her and shows her the ring.

Later, the influencer could not contain her emotion and put on the ring, while the public applauded.

Until now, the video It has 1.5 million views and more than 97 thousand likes.

Who is Paola Suárez, member of “Las Pérdidas” and friend of Wendy Guevara?

Known as Paolita Suárez, she was born in León, Guanajuato, Mexico, in 1994.

It began to become known in the social networks in 2017, when she published a video in which she narrates an experience she had with her friend Wendy Guevara.

In the video, the two friends tell how they were abandoned by some men on a hill in Guanajuato. The video went viral and helped Paola and Wendy become influencers.

In 2021, she launched her own line of plus-size footwear, including heels and booties. Likewise, he performs shows in clubs and nightclubs.